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Taxation is complex, difficult, and redundant.  Every citizen is required to pay their fair share, but there are strategies to keep more of your money in your pocket by utilizing the law and planning correctly.

It used to be that Tax Attorneys were so expensive that only wealthy business owners had access to tax savings.  But what about everyone else?  The laws should apply equally to everyone, and often times only those with access to tax attorneys could reap the benefits.  In my opinion, this needs to change immediately.

I entered the legal field to assist people in need, and with my education and experience I have developed a system for keeping costs low, and providing services to my clients that truly matter.  I aim to bring the benefits of the law to everyone through flat fee pricing and individualized case assessments.  Hiring an attorney should not be difficult.

In conclusion, please see below for a list of tax-related services I provide.  I personally invite you to contact me for a free consultation, and I am happy to discuss your matter with you at any time.  Give me a call and lets see what we can do for you.  480-366-5815

Tax Resolution

The IRS is often difficult to deal with, and navigating the maze of programs and laws regarding tax forgiveness and resolution is exceptionally unappealing.  The laws change often, and the IRS has sufficient discretion to make each matter challenging and unique.  Experienced resolution representation is a must.  From Penalty Abatement and Currently-Not-Collectible Status, to Offers in Compromise, lien discharge, lien release, lien withdrawal, Installment Agreements, Innocent Spouse, and Transcript Errors, acting sooner rather than later is the best thing you can do.  The longer you wait to act the more interest and penalties will accrue on your liabilities.

Further, if you wait for the IRS to act, you may be subject to Collection Activity, up to and including: The filing of liens, garnishment of wages, levies of bank accounts, levies of federal contracts, forced closure of business, and seizure of property and other assets.   

Depending on your unique situation, the IRS may assign your case to a Revenue Officer.  These are the head collection employees at the IRS and they have the authority to garnish, levy, file liens, or even seize property.  If you have been contacted by a Revenue Officer, or anyone at the IRS regarding your back taxes, please call my office immediately to schedule a no obligation free consult.

Audit and Appeals Representation

Audits can be scary.  Many times, either through an in person audit or a correspondence audit, the IRS will try to deny deductions and change the information that was put on your return.  If they make changes, then your state level return will also change, and the bills will start rolling in.  Every deduction you are allowed is the product of a corresponding statute, regulation, or law, so having an attorney that is experienced with these laws is a must.  Having guidance in this legal battle can keep thousands in your pockets.

Often times, despite the legitimacy of a deduction on your return, the IRS will continue to deny you the option for the deduction.  They will send you Amount Due letters, and may try collection activity.  This is where the appeals section can assist.  Knowing what forms to file and within what time frame to file them is essential.  This knowledge, coupled with legal briefs and exhibits will give you the best chance at capturing at least part of your deductions.

Tax Court / Federal District Court / Criminal / White Collar

When an auditor and appeal officer agree that the IRS is in the right, then filing suit may be your last resort.  There are two options:  Tax Court, and the Federal District Court.  Any taxpayer may take their matter to Tax Court, but you may only take your matter to Federal District Court if you pay the tax in controversy and then sue for a refund.  The choice of venue is a matter of strategy, and can have a huge impact.

If you are dealing with an Audit, or you have received a CP 2000 Proposed Changes form from the IRS, please call or sign up for a free consultation.  I can help.

Further, the Federal Government may also attempt to file Criminal Charges against you.  Certain criminal activities may be categorized as White Collar Crimes, and can carry serious consequences.  The IRS has a Criminal Division, and they are charged with assembling criminal cases for the US Attorney’s office to prosecute.  These cases are serious in nature and can carry significant financial and other consequences.  Criminal defense in these situations is a must.  Don’t wait to contact me.

Tax / Estate / Business Planning

With all of the changes and news regarding the New Tax Law, proper tax and estate planning is more essential now than it has ever been.  How will taxpayers save money in 2018 and beyond?  Are there ways to save money while operating within the law?  How should you organize your business to best take advantage of lucrative planning techniques?  If I choose to have employees, what forms do I file with the IRS and with the state of Arizona?  Do I need to pay sales tax in Arizona?  What if I operate an online business?  Is one business format better than others for tax planning?  Do I need a will?  A trust?  An Annuity?  What is an Annuity?  All of these questions have answers and the answers are unique to each individual situation.  Please schedule a consult so we can go over your particular facts and produce a plan that will benefit you.

Tax Preparation

As stated previously, whether or not you are allowed to take a deduction is a matter of law, so who better than a lawyer to produce your tax returns?  With competitive pricing and Audit back up plans, our firm can produce high quality in depth tax returns at prices that will ensure you are protected going forward.  No matter what type of approach you would like to take, we can help you and provide you with answers to capture the most amount of deductions possible.  This translates into more money in your pocket.

Further, because we are able to keep pricing low due to low overhead, we are able to price our returns competitively on a per-person basis.  Schedule a consult today to investigate pricing and options.