Why Should I Pay for an Attorney?

As an attorney, I can handle aspects of your tax matter that others cannot.  I can sue the government on your behalf, I can defend you when the government attempts to overstep.  Each and every tax form, deduction, or instruction has a corresponding tax law, statute, or regulation.  As an attorney, I am trained in statutory construction.
Who better to fight for you about the law than a lawyer?

Aren’t Attorneys expensive?

The short answer is yes, Attorneys can be expensive.  I think you will be surprised if you shop around for tax service though.  All of my prices are competitive, and tailored to unique situations.  Experience dictates my individualized pricing.  I also offer many types of plans, including traditional retainers placed in trust, flat fees, discounted hourly rates, limited scope representation fees, and payment plans.

What is the difference between Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Attorneys?

There are three levels of practitioners allowed to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  The main difference in the three levels in education and oversight.  An EA is a person whom has taken a 3-part test from the IRS.  Other than passing this test, the only other requirements are registration with the IRS, and tax compliance.  A CPA is generally well-educated, often with master degrees and exceptional experience.  CPAs must pass the CPA exam, which is an arduous test administered by the individual states.  They are overseen in Arizona by the Arizona board of Accountancy.  Attorneys are generally required to attend 3 years of law school after they received a bachelors degree.  They must then pass the bar exam.  Attorneys can also benefit from the attorney/client privilege in full, which is something the other two practitioners cannot do.  Attorneys may also take matters to federal court, and represent clients in other matters outside of the tax realm, such as preparation of contracts and the general practice of law.

Historically, another difference in the three practitioners was price, with EAs being much less expensive than CPAs and Attorneys.  This is not always the case and I encourage you to shop around for your tax representation.