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Protecting your business and your income is incredibly important.  Choosing the correct operating entity, having the proper documents to back up your entity, and operating with the goal of keeping your limited liability protection are all items of the utmost importance.  Choosing the correct entity at the beginning will help to ensure that you don’t overpay on taxes.  Having a great partnership agreement, or buy/sell agreement, or operating agreement will make sure that your rights are outlined and protected.  Keeping a separation between you and your business will provide limited liability to you and your family in case the worst should happen.  These items and more should all be addressed from the beginning, or perhaps a restructuring is in order.  Don’t hesitate to call and schedule a free consult where we can go over your business operations or planned operations and make sure you are protected.  Below are some areas in which I can assist you with your business.

  • Business Tax Planning – Starting off on the right foot will help your business become profitable quickly
  • Choice of Business Entity – With the new tax law comes many new benefits and detriments depending on your specific situation.  “C” corps were fading for the last couple of decades, but now they may be a great choice.  Knowing the benefits and detriments of each will help you to choose wisely and save money
  • Employment contracts 
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Payroll Planning – Make sure you are remitting those payments
  • Estimated tax payment planning for pass through entities
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Operating Agreements and Bylaws 
  • Articles of Incorporation filing
  • Articles of Organization filing
  • Employer Identification number filing
  • Trade name filing / trademark filing
  • C Corp startup
  • S Corp Startup
  • Single-Member LLC Startup
  • Multi-Member LLC Startup
  • PLLC Startup
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Non-profit Startup and application to the IRS

With all of the choices and needs that you have when starting a business, or when purchasing one, or when converting one from one form to another, you need proper representation.  Don’t hesitate to call and schedule a free consult.  480-366-5815